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Traveller Pride


We are group made up of Travellers (used as inclusively as possible) who are LGBT+ (likewise) who want to provide a platform for our intersectional community. We act as a network that can provide guidance, support and information to make life easier for LGBT+ Travellers as well as providing essential services, meetup spaces and collaborating with​ other organisations to make them more welcoming to us. 

For a more comprehensive rundown of our guiding principles read this.

We launched at Pride 2019 and have now formed as a CIC. Find out more about our Exec team here

If you're an LGBT+ Traveller in need of support visit our Resources page. If you can't find what you're looking for there contact us and we may be able to help anyway.

Find out about ways to meet with us or other LGBT+ Travellers, in person or online here

In September 2023 our helpline launched- find out more here

Equally if you're an organisation who wants to talk about how to better support us, we're open to having those conversations. 

Keep up to date with angry ramblings on our Blog! It's not much, but it's ours. If you want to contribute to it then please do get in touch. 


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