Who, What, Why?


We are a collective of LGBT+ Travellers based in the UK. We span many of these identities. Currently we have commitments from activists, published authors, artists, psychotherapists, educators, musicians, actors, charity workers, academics and more who are excited about the opportunity to come together and create something for other LGBT+ Travellers. This project is entirely community-led.

If you fit the bill and want to be involved, contact us


There's nothing out there in the UK for LGBT+ Travellers. We often feel shunned both by mainstream LGBT+ culture and by our own Traveller groups for who we are. It is well known that issues with one's identity can cause or exacerbate mental health problems. Equally, shame can lead to people not accessing the health services they need and can lead to catastrophic health inequalities. We want to be somewhere that LGBT+ Travellers feel safe about being themselves, where they can get help without shame or judgement. 

We want to be the service we wished was around when we were teenagers.


We met as a group at Pride and since then have been working on what we can be. Our Resources & Training pages are an element of what we do but we also have plans to:


  • Become a pool of resources centred around website and social media. Things such as tips on coming out, keeping safe, signposting to other LGBT or Traveller charities.

  • Training for LGBT or Traveller charities to be more inclusive.

  • Campaigning group.

  • Attend Prides in other cities.

  • Regular meetups.

  • Advice/counselling phone calls.

  • Producing content for use in schools.


Or a mixture of the above! Equally we hope that whoever wants to get involved afterwards will be bringing ideas we’ve yet to think of.

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