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Library Scheme

We have curated a small collection of books which forms our library. We have a range of books about Traveller cultures as well as about LGBT+ cultures. We make no claims to be exhaustive, we also do not endorse what is in every single one of the books, what this is is a way to engage with elements of your identity which you may have given less space and time to in the past. 

Have a suggestion for a book we should include? Let us know! 

Want to donate a book/books to us? Thank you! Please get in touch

We are enormously grateful to donations we have had already: The National Fairground & Circus Archive, Damian Le Bas, Lucie Fremlova & William Hussey

How does it work? Simply pick your book(s) and email us your choice and address (nb: if you do not have an address we can work out somewhere to have it delivered to for you!) and we will post it to you along with a prepaid envelope for you to return it to us. It's that simple. more explanation over on our blog.

To view the current library list click here

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