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Meet the exec

After our initial launch as a loose collective in 2019, we found that we wanted to be able to achieve more and become a little more organised. As such, we searched high and low and have found an exec team! We're so proud to be ran entirely by members of the communities we work with. Let's meet them:


Tyler Hatwell

Tyler is the founder of Traveller Pride and is one of the executive directors. A Showman, he has worked in education and in the charities sector. He is a qualified and practising Psychotherapist living and working in London. Outside of Traveller Pride, he has done Traveller focused work with ACERT, London Gypsies and Travellers, The Showmen's Guild and the Showmen's Mental Health Awareness Charity. He is a beleaguered fan of Oxford United FC, an anachronistic cinephile, a dreadful amateur musician and his favourite biscuit is the Custard Cream.


Percy Henderson

Percy is one of the executive directors of Traveller Pride. He lives with his partner of 17 years in a bricks-and-mortar house in a small town in Yorkshire, and enjoys local history, gardening, making lace, and working on his motorbike.  He has the attention span of a fruit fly, so frequently can be found dabbling in weird new hobbies and making piles of books about them that he never gets around to reading. His favourite biscuit is the Parkin Pig.


Ruth Sullivan

Ruth is from an East-Anglian mixed Romany and Gorger family. She lives in bricks and mortar with her husband and her elderly staffie in Brighton. She discovered her Romany ethnicity in her teens when her Grandad finally opened up about his life to his family.  She has been working backwards ever since trying to connect to people from her community and talking with her Mum and Aunt about their experiences with their Romany family members. Currently Ruth manages young carer support in Brighton at a small charity and has a particular passion for intersectional youth work that recognises the complexities of identity.  Ruth is genderqueer and uses the pronouns she/her they/them.  In her free time she crochets, sews and obsessively watches bad documentaries on Discovery+.  Her favourite biscuit is a Jammie Dodger. 


Mark Walton

Mark is a non executive Director of Traveller Pride. He is an itinerant liveboard boater without a home mooring who has travelled the UKs waterways extensively for the past 14 years. Mark is the founder of Shared Assets, a social enterprise that works to support people managing land for public benefit and the development a more just land system. He is also a director of The Love Tank, a community interest company that promotes the health and wellbeing of underserved communities. Mark is a Bowie fan, a live music lover, an occasional performance poet and his favourite biscuit is a Jammie Dodger.  

Any questions for specific exec members can be sent to us marked "FAO: NAME" and we'll forward it on.

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