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Resources for LGBT+ Travellers

Traveller Pride is a small group with limited funds and so our work is often more project based. We do aim to be able to provide as many tangible resources to LGBT+ Travellers as possible. 

We are looking to expand and would love to hear your ideas of what we should do, particularly if you want to collaborate with us. 

  • Phone Line- We offer a phone line service where people can call up to unload or get advice. Please note. it is not a 24/7 phone line. Instead you request a time for a callback.

  • Safe Houses- If you're an LGBT+ Traveller and need to escape from a difficult situation we have funding to help you leave and places where you can temporarily stay. We will then work out a plan with you. 

  • Trans & Non Binary Solidarity Fund- We offer small grants to Trans & Non Binary Travellers to help buy things such as clothes, binders, cosmetics.

  • Library Scheme- Remote library where LGBT+ Travellers can access books about LGBT+ culture, about Traveller cultures and more; a low-pressure way to connect and explore. 

  • Free Binder scheme- In partnership with G(end)er Swap, free binders for Trans and Non Binary travellers

  • Therapy Service- We are currently looking for more funding to re-launch our therapy service. as it stands we have a network for therapists who are trained to work with LGBT+ Travellers who we can recommend to you. Get in touch. 

  • Regular Meetings- We hold regular online and in person meet-ups. A lot of us speak about isolation and loneliness, or a sense of separation from the community. These help change that. We're currently meetings once a month in London. Details here

If you're an LGBT+ Traveller and need help but nothing here is what you're looking for, give us a call or email anyway and we'll see what is possible. 

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