Resources for LGBT+ Travellers

Traveller Pride is a small group with limited funds and so our work is often more project based. We do aim to be able to provide as many tangible resources to LGBT+ Travellers as possible. 

We are looking to expand and would love to hear your ideas of what we should do, particularly if you want to collaborate with us. 

  • Phone Line- We offer a phone line service where people can call up to unload or get advice. Please note. it is not a 24/7 phone line. Instead you request a time for a callback.

  • Safe Houses- If you're an LGBT+ Traveller and need to escape from a difficult situation we have funding to help you leave and places where you can temporarily stay. We will then work out a plan with you. 

  • Trans & Non Binary Solidarity Fund- We offer small grants to Trans & Non Binary Travellers to help buy things such as clothes, binders, cosmetics.

  • Therapy Service- We have a small amount of funding to pay for 7 Travellers to undertake therapy. We pay for the sessions, train therapists in Traveller Cultural awareness and match you up with an appropriate therapist but beyond that it's completely between you and your therapist. 

  • Regular Meetings- Isolation is a big issue amongst many of us, we want to begin holding regular meeting places once there's no longer a plague... If you're a London-Based venue who could host us monthly please get in touch!

If you're an LGBT+ Traveller and need help but nothing here is what you're looking for, give us a call or email anyway and we'll see what is possible.