G(end)er Swap CIC Free Binder Collab

We're very excited to launch a collaboration with the utter delights over at G(end)er Swap to provide free Binders in the post for Trans & Non Binary Travellers in the UK. 


 G(end)er Swap CIC is a LGBTIQ+ clothing outreach organisation (based in the UK) that supports trans, non-binary and gender-non conforming individuals to access clothes and community via bespoke workshops, pop-ups and exhibitions.  They're remarkably fab and their website is well worth looking around. 

To request a binder, simply fill out this form (if you need help, call us and we'll do it for you). This is a separate form to the main one on their website as Travellers will be given priority to ensure we get help!

We're going to work with them a lot more in the future hopefully, so watch this space!