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G(end)er Swap CIC Free Binder Collab

We're very excited to launch a collaboration with the utter delights over at G(end)er Swap to provide free Binders in the post for Trans & Non Binary Travellers in the UK. 


 G(end)er Swap CIC is a LGBTIQ+ clothing outreach organisation (based in the UK) that supports trans, non-binary and gender-non conforming individuals to access clothes and community via bespoke workshops, pop-ups and exhibitions.  They're remarkably fab and their website is well worth looking around. 

- Due to being very popular, our binder scheme is currently closed, whilst we ship the orders which have already been requested, and order more binders to meet demand. Check back in a few weeks, or email us at to check our progress.

If you ordered a binder from us between January and April of this year, it will soon be with you!

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