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Trans & Non-Binary Solidarity Fund

This fund is for Travellers in the UK- we quite frequently get applications from Trans people from outside the community who have googled "Trans Solidarity Fund" but haven't looked carefully enough at who we are. We hope you find someone to help

Our solidarity fund consists of small, one-off grants (up to £50) which can be used to buy clothes, cosmetics, or anything else that would help you to feel more comfortable in your presentation like binders, packers, shapewear, bra inserts, hair styling, tailoring and alterations... And probably a thousand other things that I would never think of, because the little things that make a meaningful difference can be so personal.

This fund is for Trans and Non Binary Travellers in the UK. You apply for funding using this link hereWe look at responses to this link​ fortnightly and banking is done weekly. Because of the slowness of this system, please do not rely on this as an emergency fund. 

We are aware that for many people, particularly those who are near the beginning of their journey, however old they are, it can be difficult to access the material things that can help you to feel comfortable - And difficult to know where to even start, so every purchase can feel like a huge risk. We hope that by offering a little help, we can encourage a few people to just take the plunge and buy the things they need, without having to agonise for too much longer. 

If you think you would benefit from this but need some help deciding what to buy (e.g. where to find trans-friendly barbers, or which brands of binder to buy) we have Trans Travellers who can give you some advice, just drop us a line.

We can either send the money directly to you or can order whatever you want and have it sent to you or to someone you trust nearby if you are worried about getting a delivery at home or "Traveller Pride" appearing on your bank statements.

Our funds are currently limited so we’re asking people to limit their claims to £50 initially, which can be split up however they like - It could be a contribution towards a big thing, or a dozen small things, or anything in between. We're only offering funding to those in the UK.

We don’t want money to stop you living as yourself, so we’re doing what we can to help change that.

As of Sept 1st 2020, we've launched a free Binder giveaway. You may still ask for money for binders here, but if you want you can get the free binder from us and then use the money for something else.

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