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Training for organisations


We offer bespoke training to organisations who want to make their services more accessible to Travellers, particularly LGBT+ Travellers. This includes elements of understanding historical context, cultural issues faced today, clarifying questions from the group as well as working together to come up with concrete ways to make your services or events more accessible for LGBT Gypsies & Travellers. 


We have recently delivered similar training to the LGBT+ charity Metro and to the WP department at King's College London


[The training was] useful, relevant and up to date, offering an insight into historical context and current challenges, as well as tangible actions and solutions regarding how to engage and help [Travellers]

-King's College WP Dept

As well as this we can offer to spend time going through policies and documents to give feedback on them in terms of level of inclusivity of Travellers.

All of our training is delivered by Travellers themselves.

Traveller Pride offers training to help groups be more inclusive of LGBT+ Travellers, or of Travellers in general.

Cultural Awareness

This popular training (Approx 3 hours) can be delivered to organisations or teams and helps the audience understand who Travellers are, what the historical context is, what barriers to mainstream services there are and what you can do to be more inclusive for Travellers. We cover the intersections of sexuality and gender as well as bringing in disability. This can be tailored to your needs and your organisations. We've delivered this to groups such as Metro, King's College London Widening Participation department & Mermaids

Therapist's Training for working with Travellers

Devised by a psychotherapist and Traveller, this course offers the same cultural understanding as above but with a greater focus on how this can impact mental health, and how this can manifest within the room. Versions of this talk have been delivered to Metro, the BACP, the University of Westminster and freelance. Get in touch to book us for your organisation or to go on the waiting list for a freelance/private practice session.

All training is done to fit your needs. It includes case studies and interactive discussion elements to make it feel vital and engaging. 

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