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Pride 2019

On 6th of July at Pride in London we marched. This was the first time in the UK that Travellers had had official representation at a Pride march, in many ways an historical event! 

we had 20 LGBT+ Travellers (Romany Gypsies, Irish Travellers, Roma, Boaters/Bargees, Showmen, New Travellers) in our contingent and had a completely amazing time. The feedback we have had from participants and onlookers has been really incredible. We loved it!

On the Friday before we had two events to officially launch us as a group. In the daytime we were honoured to have Laura Corradi giving a talk on her book "Gypsy Feminism" and later we were kindly gifted a space by Mildmay Community Centre to host an informal get together as well. Some of the pictures above are from these events as well as the parade.

On the subject of pictures, Joe Mitchell did a phenomenal job of capturing proceedings. The photos above are all from him and we couldn't be happier with them. 

We got some media representation on BBC Radio 4 & the World Service as well as articles in the New Statesman & Travellers' Times.

Now that the group has come together we are working out what we are going to become, this is where it all comes together! If you want to feed in to what we are going to be doing, get in touch!

Just because this time it was London it doesn't always have to be. Where should we go next? Tell us

Start a Traveller Pride in your area

We are not fussy about us being in charge (in fact we would love people to take over!) so if you live in another part of the world or country and want to start up a Traveller Pride group of your own then get in contact, we can send you over our logos, T-shirt & Sticker designs, and generally give any help and advice so you can become a local chapter of us! It would be amazing to see this happen (and would be a great excuse for me to take a holiday to come march with you!)

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