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Library Service Launched!

Traveller Pride is proud to launch our next project, the Library service!

"The idea came from discussions around how for some of our group there's a feeling of not feeling comfortable in or having much beyond a surface understanding of some of the identities that they hold; in essence either feeling not Traveller enough or not LGBT enough. There's many reasons for why this is, but what we're offering is a space to do some exploring on either side of your identity with a curated series of books that can help a person understand more about themselves and the communities they belong to", Tyler- Group founder.

This system is remote and will work like this:

On the website there will be a list of titles that we have available - Just email and tell us which book you would like to borrow, along with your postal address, and we’ll send it out to you.

There is also the option of ordering your book “DISCREET” - Just tell us that, and we will wrap the book in an opaque book jacket, and not include any obviously “queer stuff” in the parcel.

What will arrive in your delivery from the Postal Library: Your book

A Return Envelope (An envelope with a return label and a 1st Class Large Letter stamp)

The Request Form (A list of available titles, with space for you to write in any other book that you would like to order from the Library, along with your name, address, and the date of the request)

Invites to our upcoming events

Most likely some stickers or things from charities that we work with

Once you’ve read your book, or decided that you’re not going to finish it, just put it in the return envelope - If you want another book straight away, you can fill out the Request Form and return it at the same time. The envelopes are small enough to send from a post box, so you don’t even need to go to the post office, you can just stick them in a normal red post box, like this:

If you’ve requested another book, and it’s in stock, we’ll send it straight to you - If it’s currently out with another reader, we’ll add your name to the waiting list and you’ll be sent it when the previous reader returns it.

There are no late fees (Why punish someone, when usually if they’re late returning a book, it’s beyond their control?) but we do only have one copy of most of our books, so we ask everyone does their best to request a book when they're ready to read it. We may check in to ask if we are likely to receive the book back soon, although this is unlikely to happen unless there is a waiting list.

It's as simple as that. We will be updating the book list as we get new books. If you want to donate anything to us or want us to get a book we don't have then get in touch.

We recognise that the list is currently limited and doesn't cover all of the communities we work with; please help us out by suggesting where we go from here!

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