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The Rules for the Whatsapp Group

We don’t like to keep things too strict in terms of rules for this space but we’re getting more new people joining so it’s good to include some guiding principles:

  •  We cannot guarantee a safe space, vetting people thoroughly is not what we want. Think carefully about what you share here because whilst we are all friendly we aren’t yet all close friends. If you wouldn’t reveal something about yourself to an acquaintance in a pub (where you may be overheard) then think about doing it here. In particular, think about whether you’re incriminating yourself.

  • We’re all very different, please respect that. If a topic is upsetting for someone then please don’t push it.

  • No begging- this includes asking for money directly or sharing "gofundme" or similar. 

  • Don't sexualise the chat. This applies to in the chat and also in individual messages to group members. It is okay to talk about sexual things if it is useful (e.g. "Can anyone share some resources around safe fisting?" or "I have this rash which may be an STI, where do I go?") but this isn't a space to share sexual content or discuss particular kinks or turn ons. 

  • It is your responsibility to let the Exec team know if someone is pushing these limits. 

  • If you are going to talk about something you think is likely to trigger people, try to remember to put a warning.

  • Please try to read signals around one to one contact outside of the group. We can’t police that, but don’t keep after someone if you’re not getting much back. Some people struggle to say “no”. *If someone is struggling to hear when _you_ say no, please let an admin know*.

  • This space works best if people get involved. Shyness is fine but I may periodically check in and see if you still want to be here, people who are dormant might be a little daunting for some.

  • Play nice, let me know if you’ve got a problem. If the problem you have is with me then you can speak to Percy, Ruth or Mark who are other exec members and they will give me an anonymous talking to.

  • Remember- this is not an emergency service. If you're in distress we may not be around to help. There are options in the Linktree

I’ll repost a version of this periodically, particularly if we get new members. Any suggestions for additions to this are gratefully received via DM.

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