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Call for blogs: Craft & Skills!

With the changing of the seasons and as the nights are swelling, we thought we’d commission a series of blogs on the theme of Craft & Skill. Traditional skills and crafts are enormously important to all cultures; a way of keeping occupied, a way of feeling a connection with those who have gone before you, a way of expressing your creativity, something to be mastered and to be proud of. We want to hear your enthusiasm about a particular craft or skill that matters to you. You can talk us through the basics, you can talk about your journey to the craft, you can talk more abstractly about its importance to a particular group or set of groups; the choice is yours.

Open to all LGBT+ Travellers in the UK: Irish Travellers, Scottish Travellers, New Travellers, Romanies, Boaters, Showmen, Roma & Sinti- get in touch about your skill or craft of choice.

Whilst it’d be great to hear about traditional traveller crafts etc, we’d be just as happy to hear about something new that spoke to you, something related to LGBT+ culture or anything that you really value and care for.

So it can be music, craft, artistry, foraging, cookery, makeup, homebrew, etc., etc, etc,

You will be paid £50 for a published piece, we aim to publish approximately 8

You can either submit us a fully finished piece or you can collaborate with us if you think you’d benefit from a bit more help.

Get in touch with any questions. Submissions deadline of 12th November.

And beware, if we don’t get a submission then I may be forced to write about the Harmonica. Don’t let this happen, say your piece instead!

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