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Coronavirus Call or Text offer

Much like we did this Christmas, we are launching a service for LGBT+ Travellers during these tough upcoming months where you can organise one of us (all LGBT+ Travellers) to ring, email or whatsapp you at a convenient time so you've got someone to talk to that's outside your immediate circle.

Being an LGBT+ Traveller might be difficult during this period for a number of reasons. It could be that you're quarantined amongst family that aren't comfortable with your sexuality or gender identity and you now find you're feeling very stuck with them all the time. It might be that you live alone and the isolation is difficult to cope with. It might be a million things but we think that knowing that you've got someone who can have a chat with you for a bit and listen to how you're doing will do a bit of good.

You don't need to be having the worst time imaginable to use this- we're as fine talking about the depths of misery as we are just having a chat about what's on telly so you've got someone to chat to. The point is, LGBT+ Travellers needn't go through this alone.

If you want to request a call, email convo or text then contact us on our email ( our contact form on the website or through any of our social media platforms (we just got an instagram!)

Good luck- see you on the other side.

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