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Monthly Meetups launched! Starting 15th January!

We are pleased to announce that the wonderful kids at the London LGBTQ Community Centre have offered us a monthly space for us to hang out and meet in an informal, sober, accessible space. Saturdays from 1pm, the first one is the 15th Jan and thereafter it's the 2nd Saturday of the month.

These aren't going to be big, well-planned events. This is a calm, relaxed space to meet with other LGBT+ Travellers without an agenda and without having to sign up before. There is a link to signup on the eventbrite page, but you are more than welcome to just rock up and find us.

"I remember the first time I ever went to an LGBT+ space, it was a weekly coffee event ran in a theatre's bar area during the day. I was still pretty terrified of being there, but the fact it was drop-in, the fact it was very low key, helped me to feel able to go there and meet other LGBT+ people. We love holding bigger bolder events (and people are more than welcome to go out on the town after these coffee events) but it's important to hold some no-pressure relaxed events that help people to connect" - Tyler, Traveller Pride's founder.

Yes, we know it's a bit of a cardinal sin to actually use these plates. But live a little, eh?

If you'd like to come but are struggling with finances (either to get here or to purchase a coffee when you get here) you can speak to us beforehand and we'll see what we can do.

NB: We're well aware that not everyone can (or wants to) make it to London. We're looking to announce a bi-monthly online sober space soon. Watch this space!

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