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New Blog Series on "Identity"- £50 for submissions from the community

2022 is going to be a big year for us, we have lots in the pipeline to get excited about, but we want to make sure that as much of the community is represented by what we do as possible. This is why we are launching a callout for submissions to our blog from LGBT+ Travellers and we'll pay £50 to anyone whose work we publish. We're looking to run a series of up to 8 blogs on the theme of "Identity", and what it means to you as an LGBT+ Traveller in the UK.

This is about providing a platform for your voices and about putting out more content that allows people to find stories they can relate to. There is so little content out there about us, and even less that's about us and from us. By sharing a bit of your story, or your thoughts about identity and meaning you can help provide proof to someone struggling that they're not alone.

We will publish as things come in, so the sooner the better, but we have a deadline of 14th February (because why not?) for submissions.


  • We are more than happy

to help you write or edit things if you're not sure, are unconfident with your writing or just need some pointers.

  • The theme is "identity" which can be as wide as you want. You don't have to talk about sexuality or gender, you can speak about any aspect of identity (yours or more generally as a concept). We can help if you're stuck. Potential topics to get you thinking include:

    • "GRT" as a help or a hindrance

    • Navigating Traveller "heritage" in the internet age

    • Traveller Dialects and identity

    • Gender norms when living as a minority

    • "Passing/Hiding"

  • If you want, it can be anonymous. Bonus points go to the best pseudonym.

  • If you want to submit something in a different format (audio, video etc.) discuss it with us, we're flexible with what it looks like

  • This is for LGBT+ Travellers in the UK, but we are as flexible with those terms as possible, gatekeeping is for losers.

  • Payment will be either a bank transfer or through Paypal.

  • Minimum 200 words, maximum 1500. You're more than welcome to include links, pictures etc. in your post.

  • Not every submission may be chosen for publishing, but we hope to publish as many of you as possible.

We so so look forward to hearing from you and what you have to say. Remember, we have a limited number of spaces so your best chance is to submit something early.

Email us at with your submission or with questions

With Love, Traveller Pride x

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