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Romani Resistance Day, 16th May 2020: My Resistance is...

This year we want to mark Romani Resistance Day on May 16th but we need your help!

Resistance isn’t just big flashy protests, direct action, warfare etc.

Resistance to a hostile mainstream can be so many things- being a visible personality to combat stereotypes, buying from Traveller-owned businesses, spending time looking after your community, learning about it, educating others on the holocaust, or if you’re an ally- being a good one!

So our idea is that we want to fill our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and probably a collated blogpost here afterwards) with images of Romanies and allies on 16th May holding up signs with “My Resistance is…” and then an example of what you do that is Romani Resistance!

You can do this anonymously if you want by covering your face in the picture (we don’t have to identify it as you). You can either upload it yourself and tag us in them or send them to us for us to upload on the day (our email is

(Example of what you could add. I had to do this one without me in it because there's no one to take my picture- that's great too. Send us whatever you want!)

We want to get as many images as possible from as wide a range of places as possible!

Please, if you do upload images yourself use the hashtag #MyRomaniResistance and tag our social media profiles @travellerlgbt on twitter, @lgbttravellerpride on facebook and @travellerpride on Instagram.

We can’t wait to see your photos!

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1 Comment

This is brilliant, our stories need to be told we are hidden gems 👍

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