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The Christmas Card scheme is back, and you could be sending a message to Priti Patel

Last year, in response to the isolation that the year had brought many of us, we decided to launch a Christmas Card scheme and it was such a success and an uplifting experience that it is back!

LGBT+ Travellers in the UK can sign up here before 17th December (the sooner the better though) and you'll receive one of our outstanding Christmas cards. We hope this helps people to feel a little closer to us despite how distant we have to be at times like this. Hopefully next year, given we are now a CIC, we will be able to meet more and get organised to combat isolation in a more tangible way, but for now this is another way to symbolically tell you that you're not alone.

Special competition

It hasn't been an easy year, with the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts bill being a particularly bleak part of the past 12 months. Relationships between Travellers and the Home Office, in particular Priti Patel, seem to have soured a little. We'd like to do our bit to amend this by sending her one of our cards. And we need you to help decide what to write in it. if you follow the same link you can submit a suggestion of what we put in her card so that she changes her mind (think "A Christmas Carol") and decides we should all just get along.

So get involved and nab yourself a nifty lil card from us AND get a chance to be part of our message to the Home Secretary. And as always, have a cool yule...

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