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Traveller Pride becomes a CIC- Now what??

Traveller Pride has been a bit of a labour of love. Founded in 2019, originally just with the intent to rally at Pride in London and have that be that it has grown and snowballed into something much more important. People who couldn’t come on that day (for so many reasons) are now part of a network of other LGBT+ Travellers and there’s spaces for us to link up and chat in a way that helps people feel less alone. We have also provided representation through the media (more of this on its way!) and our general online presence, we’ve hosted in person and online meetups and have provided direct services (our solidarity fund and our therapy, for example). But, as said, this has all been a labour of love, which in a way is nice but also means Traveller Pride, which means so much to a lot of people, has to be a side project that is slotted in amongst day jobs without ever having the time given to it it deserves. This could be about to change though because…

We are now a registered legal entity (a CIC)

We have appointed 4 members to our executive committee, all LGBT+ Travellers, and are now in a position where we can get the ball rolling in a more robust way. We can get apply for funding and then pay someone to dedicate regular meaningful time to the work. This means the support we give out can be better, the work can be done to a higher quality and our ambitions can go higher.

What this also means is that if you have an idea for what we ought to be doing, there is no better time than to tell us!

In the coming weeks and months we are going to focus on doing some of the necessary but tedious stuff we need to employ someone (not only getting the funding in the first place but also getting all the frameworks in place for it). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, of course. We’re still here for support as always though, and when we get going properly it’s gonna be fab beyond belief. We will also finally spruce up this website which is gathering cobwebs fast.

As for now, I’m made up that we’ve taken this (slightly scary) step. We’ll do some kind of “Meet the exec” thing soon, but for now get in touch if you have ideas of where we could go or if you want to do something with us.

Stay safe, we love you x

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