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Traveller Pride Launch Christmas Card Campaign

We're super excited to launch our Christmas Card Campaign.

For many of us, this year has been one defined by barriers, division, isolation and a lack of connection. Christmas is a time of the year (regardless of your faith) when these feelings can be exacerbated. We wanted to do something to show people that amongst all of the potential gloom and misery that they are loved, kept in mind, of value.

We've commissioned an LGBT+ Traveller artist to draw us some Christmassy pictures and will make Christmas cards out of them which we will sign and send to you.

If you're worried about being outed by the arrival of the card we can send it to another address. We will also be drawing a star above everyone's name on the envelopes so that you'll know it's from us if you don't want to open it in front of everyone.

If you're an LGBT+ Traveller and want to request one, the link is here

There's a "if you want to tell us anything else" box on the form and if you'd prefer us to write something else in there (e.g. Happy Hanukkah) then we can do that.

It's not much, it's not grand, but it's a gesture.

Please note we can only post to the UK.

Keep safe out there, kids. We love you.

(We won't use this picture, the real one is a surprise. This is just illustrative in case you're incapable of imagining Travellers and Christmas. and yes, we are suffering a dreadful pixel shortage in this part of town. donate your pixels)

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