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We are still deciding what we can offer. If you want to collaborate on us to offer a service for LGBT+ Travellers then get in touch. 

Mental Health Support

If you're an LGBT+ Traveller and are in crisis we currently cannot operate a 24/7 phoneline. I recommend calling the Samaritans on 116 123. They're good. trust me. 

If you want to talk to one of us, we cannot offer a crisis line but if you email us, I will try to get back to you to arrange a call in the daytime.


Following a fantastic conversation with Metro, we are excited to say there is space to offer low-cost, income-based counselling to Travellers. Your counsellor will be LGBT+ and will either be a Traveller or will have had specific cultural awareness training delivered by a Traveller to them. Metro are based in London so those who can get here can come for face-to-face counselling but otherwise we can do telephone counselling for those spread throughout the country.

If you have questions about counselling, or want to sign up, let us know. We will treat you with complete anonymity and confidentiality.


We hope to run regular meetups (unfortunately for now these will be London-based) as a social space for LGBT+ Travellers to connect in an informal way. If you can help with this (e.g. know a venue) let us know.

Safe House

If you're an LGBT+ Traveller and need a place to stay for whatever reason and are in a crisis we have links throughout the country that can put you up and can usually help to fund your travel to get there. Help is out there. 

Other organisations

Currently we can't offer too much direct help but we can let you know who can. Get in touch. If you're nervous about interacting with an organisation (a Traveller one or an LGBT one) for the first time we are happy to make that contact for you.

If you know of any resources that can help our communities, let us know and we will update it. 

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