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Upcoming Events

It is always a risk to have an "upcoming events" page on your website because, like with a blog, nothing makes a website look more defunct than an out of date "upcoming events" page. This is a trial for our summer events, we'll see:

Here is a roundup of the events we have coming up for June & July. We may also be involved in other things (giving talks etc.) but as it stands these are the main ones which you can also get involved in.

Manchester “Deathless Woman” screening, Language workshop and meetup- 18th June            

We are still working on finding a venue in Manchester for regular meetups but until then we are very glad to be able to offer this event. “The Deathless Woman” is a fascinating and poetic look at the Roma experience with a particular focus on the holocaust. Beforehand there is also a workshop on Romani Language. We have a limited amount of spaces for this so please do sign up quickly if you’re interested.

Afterwards we don’t yet have an official plan but as it’s a Saturday in Manchester in June, I would imagine some of the more sprightly members will want to disappear off to Canal Street. I will more likely be disappearing off to a low-key pub, so you have options.

***The film and language workshop element of this is space-limited so please sign up ASAP if you’re keen, meeting up socially afterwards is open but give us the heads up if you can***

London Film Screening & Night out-  EVENT CANCELLED

We are holding a GRTHM screening of traveller-centred short films (suggestions welcome, lineup not finalised) and then will head into town. We’ll have food and drink at the screening. Limited spaces based on the size of the screening room.

Still working on a date, will announce in due course. This, event is open to allies too!


As with all the events, get in touch to find out more.


London Pride Protest – 1st July 2022

Traveller Pride is proud to announce that we will be taking part in the alternative, more protest-y Pride event in London on 1st July 2022. We’ve been part of the planning process for this for a few months now and I hope it’ll be the joyous celebration that the more official “Pride in London” can’t.

It will be exactly 50 years since the original London Pride parade (memorialised in the feelgood film “Pride”) and many of the original GLF gang who took part in the first place will be leading the march. We will recreate the original route which means we’ll be finishing up in Hyde Park for a nice communal get together.

Traveller Pride would love to have as many of you with us as possible. If you’re interesting in coming or have any questions then get in touch via dm or through

This will be our first official presence at a pride parade since our launch, and you are very much invited.

More details as they come. Find out more in general here 

Where: From Trafalgar Square- Hyde Park Speakers' Corner

When: Friday 1st July from 1pm

I'll try sort a venue beforehand to get ready in, 

Q: Why aren’t you going to the “Pride in London” Parade?

There are a number of reasons for this. Pride in London has done itself a lot of reputational damage in recent years and hasn’t done a lot to fix it. Their response to TERF invasions has been woeful, as has criticisms of racism.

It also isn’t really our idea of a good time. We were lucky in 2019 with who we were near and we had a lovely day but if we’d been behind one of the big corporate hellscapes like the Barclays or sainsburys buses I’d’ve hated it. I think a more simple march and get together is more in the spirit of what Traveller Pride is and is less exclusionary than the official event.

That said, this is the day before the official pride in London. You’re more than welcome to apply for an individual entry for the day and stay somewhere on the Friday night after our event.


Trans Pride Brighton 16th July


We’re very excited to not only be marching in Trans Pride Brighton but also to announce we will have a stall there! We’ll be selling our fresh merch and giving out information about our services.

Brighton is a city that’s been long associated with LGBT+ culture and is also the home of several of our regular members AND our lovely friends at FFT. We’re thrilled to announce that we will be marching at Brighton Trans Pride. We’ve got a nice accessible space to meet beforehand to get ready, meet up (for those of you who’ve not met us before) and to ensure we look incredible.

It’s worth noting, this is not a trans-only event. We are going to champion and show support for our trans members and for the wider trans community. At the moment the media is going after Travellers and Trans people with a very similar set of tactics (hear Percy say more about this here and so building these alliances is vital.

Get in touch if you want to come! It’d be great to see you. We need to know approximate numbers before as we’re gonna order more of our beautiful shirts.


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