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We are launching a phone or text service for LGBT+ Travellers who want to reach out during this pandemic. Contact us to organise a conversation; click here for a blog with more details. 

Self-Isolation & Quarantine tips

This is going to be an unprecedented few months in our existence. It’s going to be hard for everyone but, as with most things, this could hit Travellers particularly hard. Either because of poor conditions for people who are nomadic (lack of decent places to stop, poorly connected yards etc.) or because of things like isolation and systemic prejudice for those who live “settled” lives.

We want to point out some of the things you can do and who you can come to when in difficulty.


  • I don’t need to tell Travellers to wash their hands…

  • As hard as it is, don’t visit elderly or vulnerable relatives unless you must. The risk is too much.

  • Put a couple of days worth of food aside. Not the tonnes people are, just enough so you can eat something with no effort if you’re feeling gammy.

  • Make sure you know how to self isolate.

For Mental Wellbeing

Self isolation can be tough for lots of reasons. If you live alone, the social deprivation can be intense. If you live with others that can be difficult because you’re on top of one another. This can be intensified if there’s tension anyway.

  • Prepare for boredom: you don’t need to stockpile pasta and toilet paper. You might want to stockpile films (I’m planning a little film festival for myself- first horror, then comedy, then the films of Sidney Lumet etc.), books, board games, an instrument to learn, podcasts to listen to etc.

  • Get creative: If you’ve always wanted to draw, sing, build model aeroplanes or whatever you’ve got a lot of time to get good in.

  • Maintain a routine: It will be easy to have all the days blend into one another and for time to be meaningless. Try to maintain a routine to give you a sense of control over your time. Wednesday is film night, 20 push ups before bed, waking at the same time in weekdays etc.

  • Look after yourself physically: Try to exercise, don’t eat all of your quarantine crisps in one day, make sure you’re moving enough. Exercise can be a great weapon against depression.

  • Speak to someone if it’s hard: You’re probably going to find some days of this insufferable. People you know, people you don’t, us, the Samaritans. Someone.

  • Speak to someone if it’s easy – Check in on those who may be struggling. Just saying hi and asking how they’re doing, inviting them to play an online game with you or describe the last film they watched (or whatever) will help enliven someone’s long day and you feeling like you’re helping out will help you to have a sense of purpose.

LGBT+ Travellers

Although it’s not always the case, being isolated with family might be particularly difficult for LGBT+ Travellers.

You don’t need to do this alone.

We don’t have capacity to offer a 24/7 phone service but contact us to arrange a phone call. We are also available via whatsapp or email if you need to reach out. It might be hard for you to be with family so much now, we get it. We do.

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