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Traveller Pride Launches Two New Services for LGBT+ Travellers

Our big announcement: The launch of two new vital services!

If you follow our social medias you’ll have seen some gentle teasing of a big announcement the other day. This is that announcement:

Due to some funding from the incredible NSUN (National Survivor User Network) we are able to bring you two whole new services launching from today (27/7/20)

Traveller Pride Funded Therapy service


Trans & Non Binary Solidarity Fund!

Now, more details on there can be found here and here but we’re so excited about them we’re gonna write about it below as well.


We have secured enough money to pay for LGBT+ Travellers to access counselling. This is for anyone who identifies as LGBT+ and a Traveller. We are in no way worried if you think you’re not LGBT+ enough or Traveller enough, if those labels mean something to you personally then you qualify and that’s that.

We are training up therapists who have experience of working with Travellers to make sure they’re definitely Traveller-Friendly and have a good understanding of what it’s like to be an LGBT+ Traveller and will match you with a counsellor based on your preferences and our clinical judgement (a therapist who is a Traveller will make that judgement). It’s super simple and completely discreet.

If you want to sign up, fill in this survey here. If you want to ask us anything about it first then please do. Remember there are limited places, though, so sign up soon!

Trans Solidarity fund

Gender is very personal and we’re in no way suggesting that you’re not performing your gender right if you don’t wear the typical clothes etc. but we know that for some Trans and Non-Binary people it can be difficult to have clothes etc. that feel incongruous with your gender. So we’re launching a fund where you can apply for money towards clothes, makeup, binders, packers, shapewear and anything else along those lines that you’d want to help you look more how you feel (or just to look really cool.)

We can pay for it ourselves or send you the money. We can organise delivery somewhere safe if home isn’t safe. Just give us a bell. This is a lot looser so no form, just contact us. The limit is £40 at the moment.

There's no form for this, just contact us via phone, email or DM on social media

Right now the dialogue around Trans people is as horrible as I ever remember it being. This might not be much but we hope it both provides some tangible help to an under-siege minority and also signals our support for Trans people.

I hope you got as excited reading about this as I did writing it. I’ll leave this blog short as I’ve got to do all the poxy admin to get the above things ready…

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