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Traveller Pride 2020 roundup

Hello everyone! We wanted to end this year with a celebration of what we have managed to achieve, despite it all, this year. We've done a video to sum up. I guess this is in lieu of an annual report.

But here's a list anyway

- Trained therapists to be more inclusive of Travellers

- Launched our phone line, making us accessible to calls, texts, whatsapps etc.

- Collaborated with Stonewall

- London's GRTHM event

- Created video to train volunteers to Just Like Us

- Launched a Facebook group for online socialising

- Launched our badly maintained Instagram

- Launched Covid guidance on wellbeing and health

- Blog for the Crown Prosecution Service

- Responded to the Channel 4 Dispatches Debacle

And probably lots more.

This year we lost Raymond Gureme, an iconic figure who you would do well to read about. A joy to know and talk to, an indelible spirit

We hope next year we can meet physically. No matter what, this is your group as much as it is anyone's. If we are doing things right, or wrong, tell us. We haven't included everyone we wanted to, it isn't perfect, but we're keen to hear how to get better.

Here's to a superb 2021.

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