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Our community stories project - We Need You!

For Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month in June (GRTHM) we want to involve you in an exciting project we've come up with! Watch the video below and/or read the paragraph below for a summary and a bit more information

In essence, we want to release a series of short videos of LGBT+ Travellers telling stories about the past. I remember sitting for hours listening to my grandad George telling stories about him and about others from way back when. These stories live on in me and the rest of the family, but this is a chance to preserve that history that otherwise wouldn't be saved.

The point is twofold, both to preserve unique stories that would otherwise get no airing at all but also to show that us as LGBT+ Travellers are keenly invested in our histories, our families etc. as much as anyone else.

To be clear, when we say Travellers we are being very inclusive. So stories from New Travellers, Boaters, Scottish Travellers, Showmen, Irish Travellers, Roma/Sinti or Romanies are all welcomed and encouraged.

You will be given £50 from us if your story is chosen and your video is used. We are currently working out how best to do the recordings. It is a matter of resources. Some may need to be done via Zoom but we are hoping to do at least a couple in person.

If you're unsure about being in front of camera we can work out ways to make you and your story anonymous, if you want one of us to tell your story for you we can. We are also happy to coach anyone who is nervous in front of camera.

The story doesn't need to be from your own family either. Many of us are estranged from families or are in some way distant from the communities for a variety of reasons (adoption, assimilation a few generations back etc.) but you can get involved too; simply find an individual story from the past that you think is worth sharing. For example, I'm currently reading "The Book of Boswell" which would be a great place to pilfer from.

To register your interest, fill out this survey here.

Do get in touch with any questions.

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1 comentario

Pavol Miko
Pavol Miko
26 jun 2022

Would like to tell My story I am a gypsi from slovak

Me gusta
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